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  • Archive: November, 2016

    Dripping Springs Rendezvous ~Okmulgee, OK

    Wednesday, November 30th, 2016


    These events just make me happy.

    The people at them love history and enjoy sharing that love and knowledge with people.

    I am so glad we popped in on the way to the Talimena Drive for my birthday.


    adrippingspringsdsc_8467 adrippingspringsdsc_8468 adrippingspringsdsc_8471 adrippingspringsdsc_8475 adrippingspringsdsc_8478 adrippingspringsdsc_8480 adrippingspringsdsc_8482 adrippingspringsdsc_8485 adrippingspringsdsc_8486 adrippingspringsdsc_8488 adrippingspringsdsc_8491 adrippingspringsdsc_8493 adrippingspringsdsc_8501 adrippingspringsdsc_8502 adrippingspringsdsc_8504 adrippingspringsdsc_8506 adrippingspringsdsc_8510 adrippingspringsdsc_8514 adrippingspringsdsc_8520 adrippingspringsdsc_8521 adrippingspringsdsc_8525 adrippingspringsdsc_8526 adrippingspringsdsc_8528 adrippingspringsdsc_8536 adrippingspringsdsc_8538 adrippingspringsdsc_8540 adrippingspringsdsc_8541 adrippingspringsdsc_8542 adrippingspringsdsc_8543 adrippingspringsdsc_8545   adrippingspringsdsc_8548 adrippingspringsdsc_8549 adrippingspringsdsc_8550 adrippingspringsdsc_8551 adrippingspringsdsc_8553 adrippingspringsdsc_8554 adrippingspringsdsc_8556 adrippingspringsdsc_8560 adrippingspringsdsc_8563 adrippingspringsdsc_8564 adrippingspringsdsc_8565

    History really comes to life at these events.

    You feel like you have stepped back in time.

    adrippingspringsdsc_8567 adrippingspringsdsc_8569 adrippingspringsdsc_8570 adrippingspringsdsc_8571 adrippingspringsdsc_8572 adrippingspringsdsc_8576 adrippingspringsdsc_8577 adrippingspringsdsc_8578 adrippingspringsdsc_8580 adrippingspringsdsc_8581 adrippingspringsdsc_8583

    If nothing else I hope they came away thinking that history is interesting and alive.

    And that it prepped them for the really long drive we took that day to the Ouachita Mts. HA!

    Favorites from May 2015 ~Adoption

    Tuesday, November 29th, 2016

    I took too many pictures in the last year to not share some!


    Little bit was 1yr old in these.

    So tiny!

    asdsc_9154 aser9165 ahike9699

    This was her first hike with us.

    She did okay but was still getting used to us so wanted to hold my hand the whole time.


    I spent a lot of time sitting around that first month.

    Little bit did not like me to be anywhere but right next to her.

    aser9648 aser9801 aser9806

    Getting to dress a baby girl was totally new to me.

    So much fun.

    aser9819 aser9871 aser9892 aser9914 adsc_0169

    More water play on the deck.

    Seriously folks, I practically lived there.

    aser0045 aser0153 aser9970 aser9974 aserdsc_0092 aserdsc_0271

    I pretty much ate up those little toes and hands.


    I became something of a homebody for the first month.

    I did not even have a good stroller for walks for a few weeks and she could not walk well on uneven ground.

    She just mostly wanted to sit with me all day.

    Which I should have enjoyed more…

    I would really enjoy a day of just sitting on the couch and a little one that was not moving all the time.


    And then there were 7 ~Adoption Story (Part 3)

    Sunday, November 27th, 2016

    Right after we got little bit, we found out her twin sisters were separated and that they wanted to place them together.

    Nick asked if I thought it was possible for us to take them.

    I had no clue if we had the room let alone if I could handle three!

    We talked about it and decided to at least try.

    agirlsdsc_0449 agirlsdsc_0493 agirlsdsc_0502

    We started sibling visits right away and were sad to see that the twins did not even seem to remember that little bit was their sister.

    They had also been moved around a lot.



    This was a foster only situation so we had no clue if it would lead to adoption but we decided we really wanted them together.

    agirlsdsc_0461 agirlsdsc_0465 agirlsdsc_0516

    We continued sibling visits while we worked and advocated to get the girls together.

    Finally on July 1st the oldest twin was placed with us.


    We learned to take a family picture right away because you never know when they will leave.

    And no matter how long they were with us, they are family.


    At the end of the same month we got the younger twin.


    I said my max was 4 kids, I have 5.

    Life is funny, and crazy, and amazing.

    But mostly life is about grace.

    Grace for them and grace for me.

    And a lot of chocolate…

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