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I am a wife, homeschool mom, a hiker, and a photographer living in Oklahoma. I love beautiful light and being in the woods. I share what I love on this blog, be they trails, pictures, or homschooling curriculum. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Archive: October, 2016

    Forestry Departments “Walk in the Forest” ~Turkey Mt. Tulsa, OK

    Tuesday, October 25th, 2016


    We went to a previous Walk in the Forest event by accident.

    It is so much fun though I am glad we stumbled upon it that first time.

    And that we got invited this time!


    They had these trail books that the kids could fill out for a prize at the end.

    awalkdsc_4761 awalkdsc_4771

    The boys really liked this stump with not just dates for the tree rings but what was going on at the time!

    Such a great idea.

    awalkdsc_4776 awalkdsc_4777

    There were stations set up throughout the woods with activities and information.

    awalkdsc_4788 awalkdsc_4792

    At this one they learned about the different types of forests in Oklahoma.

    awalkdsc_4797 awalkdsc_4802 awalkdsc_4813

    This one was on invasive plant and insect species.


    They learned about how to tell how old a tree is and that big does not necessarily mean old.

    awalkdsc_4829 awalkdsc_4835 awalkdsc_4836 awalkdsc_4863

    They had a station about all the different products that use parts of trees.

    awalkdsc_4876 awalkdsc_4881

    Then at the end they gave out a little Loblolly Pine!

    I am hoping we don’t kill it.


    The kids got to pick a prize from the prize table for finishing their books!

    awalkdsc_4912 awalkdsc_4927 awalkdsc_4938 awalkdsc_4947

    This is a great event if you have a reluctant hiker or just want to learn more about the woods!

    Make sure you keep an eye on their page for the next one.

    2nd MN Trip ~Part 1

    Saturday, October 22nd, 2016

    We ended up going back up to Minnesota for a funeral.

    Minnesota in the fall is pretty amazing.

    If anything will make you never want to leave Minnesota it is their fall.

    adsc_0926 adsc_0979

    We stopped at the Desota National Wildlife Refuge on our way up to see the Steamboat Exhibit.

    adsc_0987 adsc_1069

    The Steamboat is still under the water at this pond.

    They do have a really cool exhibit on what steamboats carried.

    adsc_1086 adsc_1129 adsc_1271

    At Minnesota we went to an event called “Leaf Days” at Maplewood State Park.

    adsc_1381 adsc_1438

    adsc_1445 adsc_1631 adsc_1640 adsc_1652 adsc_1685 adsc_1688 adsc_1689 adsc_1691 adsc_1693 adsc_1697 adsc_1700 adsc_1705 adsc_1855 adsc_1857 adsc_1862

    I accidentally took all my pics in jpeg instead of RAW. Maybe that means nothing to you.

    I never realized how much of a camera snob I had become until I realized I did not have RAW images just JPEG.



    A walk in the woods, red riding hood, and a president?

    Friday, October 14th, 2016

    aturkeydsc_4166 aturkeydsc_4168

    I went for a hike two days ago and the weather was so perfect, I could not stop smiling.

    Sometimes, I laughed.

    aturkeydsc_4171 aturkeydsc_4179

    The wind would suddenly about blow me over and I could not help but enjoy it.

    Drizzle and a cool wind.

    Perfect fall weather in my book.

    aturkeydsc_4184 aturkeydsc_4195

    I did not see many people on the trail but the ones I saw were definitely memorable.




    aturkeydsc_4211 aturkeydsc_4227

    It’s not everyday you run into Red Riding Hood with the Big Bad Wolf.

    aturkeydsc_4232 aturkeydsc_4237 aturkeydsc_4238 aturkeydsc_4240 aturkeydsc_4241 aturkeydsc_4244

    Or chat with Woodrow Wilson.

    aturkeydsc_4255 aturkeydsc_4257 aturkeydsc_4258 aturkeydsc_4263

    This hike definitely left me with a smile on my face.

    aturkeydsc_4266 aturkeydsc_4267

    You never know what you will find in the woods…