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  • Archive: February, 2016

    Galileo ~3rd & 4th Grade

    Friday, February 19th, 2016


    Our second go around of Galileo was maybe not as exciting as the first.

    This year has been more books focused than projects.

    My boys seem to really be learning a lot though.

    My 8yr old said he liked, “Galileo’s Journal” and “Galileo” by Fisher.

    My 9yr old said he liked, “Galileo’s Journal”, “I Galileo”, and “Galileo” by Fisher.


    My boys eat up these “Who Was…” books.

    It is usually one of the first books they will grab from the stack.


    I did not take a picture Galileo’s Telescope by itself so this is the only shot I had of it.

    I did move our telescope into their room for this study and they did work on how to use it.

    My oldest(9) was a little more into it than my younger boy.

    My boys were studying several other topics that were around the same time period as well.

    Interactive experiments on Nova site for Galileo, my boys liked playing around with this.

    Ray Harral, I wore a skirt and boots…

    Wednesday, February 10th, 2016


    I went with totally impractical at our most recent walk at Ray Harral Nature Park.

    We were walking pretty slow so it was not too bad…

    Sometimes I choose cuteness over comfort.

    Sometimes, not often.

    I like comfort.




    In actuality I wanted the comfort of tights but thought it looked silly without boots.


    I did choose comfort!

    Just not for my feet…

    Have you ever worn something completely impractical?

    USS Batfish Living History Day ~Muskogee, OK

    Monday, February 8th, 2016


    We went to visit the Batfish for their Living History Day Saturday!

    I really like these events and highly recommend going during one.


    My husband was able to come with us this time!

    He said he had not been on a naval vessel in a long time.

    abatDSC_6453 abatDSC_6476 abatDSC_6477

    The volunteers are so nice at these events!

    Great job guys!

    abatDSC_6479 abatDSC_6493 abatDSC_6495

    My youngest boy kept asking how powerful all the weapons were.

    Thanks for answering all of those questions!

    abatDSC_6502 abatDSC_6504

    Another “How powerful would you say…” question.

    abatDSC_6518 abatDSC_6542

    Check out their facebook page to keep informed about events!