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I am a wife, homeschool mom, a hiker, and a photographer living in Oklahoma. I love beautiful light and being in the woods. I share what I love on this blog, be they trails, pictures, or homschooling curriculum. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Archive: December, 2015

    Zoo with family and a baby kangaroo.

    Monday, December 28th, 2015

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    With a total of 9 kids together all day we made sure we were going and doing things a lot while my in-laws visited over Christmas.

    The zoo was a nice easy way to get energy out while seeing cool animals.

    The little Joey was pretty adorable.

    What do you like to do when you have a lot of kids to entertain?

    I wanted something witty…

    Tuesday, December 22nd, 2015


    I thought I could come up with something funny and clever for this picture I got of a duck while out canoeing with my family(FYI 7 people in a canoe will get laughs…).

    Then I realized it is six in the morning and I use up all my brain power on my 5 kids.


    After I got over my fear of one of my kids dumping us all in the lake the canoe ride was not too bad.

    Not calm but not bad.

    Also, we may need a bigger canoe.

    Ruby~ 1yr!

    Friday, December 18th, 2015

    wagon girlswagon girls together family sisters3 sisters tickles2 standinghelp standingtall hugs sitting2 sitting happy kisses laugh baby faces feet smiles reach excited mommy flying light playing smile standing tickles face taste cakeface silly sugar

    I am so glad I got to do her 1yr pics!

    My friend is a pretty great photographer herself so I really wanted to focus on getting shots she could not get, like her and Ruby together.

    See her 1st day home newborn pics, here.