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  • Archive: November, 2015

    Leonardo Da Vinci Books ~3rd & 4th grade

    Tuesday, November 17th, 2015


    My oldest said he likes all of these. Ha.

    He is a pretty big fan of Leonardo Da Vinci!

    Who Was Leonardo da Vinci?

    Who Stole The Mona Lisa?

    Monday with a Mad Genius

    The Mystery of the Mona Lisa

    Leonardo and the Flying Boy

    Who Stole Mona Lisa?

    Mona Lisa; The Secret of the Smile

    Neo Leo

    Leonardo da Vinci

    Amazing Leonardo da Vinci Inventions

    I actually bought them a clock model to put together that was a concept of his.

    They broke it putting it together and then lost the instructions…

    I am 33 or 32, oh who cares…

    Friday, November 13th, 2015


    I totally got my age wrong!

    My sister had to point it out…aIMG_20151111_194139

    In my defence I was using my sisters birth year to calculate my age…

    Yep, pretty sure that makes it worse.

    So as of November 11th I am officially 32!

    I don’t feel a day older…

    Today was a pretty good day.

    Wednesday, November 4th, 2015

    School got finished.

    Hugs given out.

    Noses wiped.

    Books read( I have a kindle app on my phone and I get lost a few mins at a time).

    Diapers changed.

    Walks taken.

    Deep breaths enjoyed.

    Having a pretty ordinary day may seem like no big deal but it is huge for me right now.


    I relish boring.

    Boring is awesome.