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I am a wife, homeschool mom, a hiker, and a photographer living in Oklahoma. I love beautiful light and being in the woods. I share what I love on this blog, be they trails, pictures, or homschooling curriculum. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Archive: October, 2015

    Carmichael’s Pumpkin Patch ~Bixby, OK

    Friday, October 16th, 2015

    I did not take a single picture of a pumpkin.

    Because that is how I roll.

    I did just miss a goat giving birth though.

    I am really glad we were just a little too late to watch that…

    I did not want to explain that to all of my kids.

    goats gaot6 goat5 goat4 pig goat2 feed2 feed camel goat3

    Check out there Facebook page, here.

    Fort Gibson Fall Encampment 2015

    Wednesday, October 14th, 2015

    fortgibson canon canon2 hall bunk canon4 canon3 stocks dogs fort checkers checkers2 checkers3 logs fortlife3 fortlife march fortlife4 tent traders table cook horses rockingchair pen hat playing playing2 muscians playing3 sing2 all

    Here is some of the song they were singing. They did a great job.


    Marco Polo Books

    Monday, October 12th, 2015


    My boys favorites are the “You wouldn’t want to explore with Marco Polo!”, “Following the Trail of Marco Polo(Geronimo Stilton)”, “Dragon of the Red Dawn”, “The Adventures of Marco Polo.”

    I tried to get them into “Looking for Marco Polo” but neither of the boys got into it and they both said it was boring…