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  • Archive: July, 2015

    Grammar Gumshoes

    Tuesday, July 28th, 2015


    I don’t know if I would say that grammar is my weakest subject but it is definitely up there in the running…

    We do things like Super Grammar and other fun things, here.

    But I am always on the lookout for something that will help make learning all of those rules fun.

    I found this game at the local second hand homeschool shop, Bibliomania.

    The boys really liked it, even though it pretty much just asks you grammar questions and you move forward.

    Not as much gumshoeing as I thought but they still liked it.


    There are different levels of questions so I asked them the easy ones and they asked me the hard ones.

    I lost.

    In Freedom’s Cause: The Real Story of Wallace and Bruce

    Monday, July 27th, 2015


    In the midst of our study of the Middle Ages we listened to this amazing Audio Theater version of G.A. Henty’s book “In Freedom’s Cause.”

    I thought I would let you know how we liked it.

    My boys are 7&8

    My oldest can be a bit sensitive.

    This was an amazing story.

    It makes this nations struggle for freedom come alive!

    This is good and bad…

    If you are not sure why that would be, look up the story of what happened to William Wallace and what disembowelling is.

    They did not get really graphic but there was some yelling and pleading to God going on.

    They did a wonderful job explaining about why William Wallace went through all that pain.

    His death fueled a nation! But my oldest wanted to quit the second his death scene came on.

    I made him wait(I was hoping it would end on a somewhat happy note) so he would not end it on such a bad feeling.

    It takes a while to get to a happier spot but it does end without leaving you depressed.

    He ended up really liking it although we will probably wait a while to listen again.

    It is intense.


    So what do I think?

    The story telling was excellent!

    I think this is a must for teenagers learning the history of that time!

    It might leave your kids with a dim view of European leaders of that time, I think seeing the good and bad of every civilization is a good thing.

    I learned so much though!

    My boys did okay but I think an older child would enjoy it more.

    I do think this type of story is just the thing to make history come alive for your kids though!

    History was passionate, messy, scary, amazing, and interesting!

    Don’t be afraid to let your kids see what really happened!

    Dry text books should not be the only way your kids know history!

    Ray Harral

    Friday, July 24th, 2015

    *updated with pics of two of my girlsbridge

    arayDSC_4244 walking trees shell path

    We got there early enough to help feed the squirrels and birds.

    a4260 arayDSC_4258 arayDSC_4263 arayDSC_4265 arayDSC_4270 arayDSC_4271 squirrel eatingarayDSC_4288

    Biggest and littlest cuteness.