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  • Archive: June, 2015

    Cake, Thunder, and Rain!

    Monday, June 29th, 2015

    Right after we starting taking this little man’s one year pics, the thunder started…

    We scrambled to get them taken quick but ended up with only a little sprinkling of rain falling on us.

    The storm stayed to the south but it was LOUD!

    ball one feet chair tub cake smiles cake3 frosting cakesmash cakemess cake5 cake6 cake4

    Glad we got all the pics done before the rain!

    Happy Birthday Little Man!

    Sometimes doing nothing is hard…

    Thursday, June 25th, 2015

    A couple of years ago I went Blueberry picking with the Mom’s group I am a part of.

    The whole “this is a fun thing to do” idea was a little new to me but it was nice talking while working.

    The next day my back slipped out.

    Even worse was the fact my husband was in Poland at the time.

    I had to work hard to recover what I did in one day for a month at least.

    After that I promised I would not go berry picking again.

    I am just not always great at doing things in moderation and I don’t really need to pick berries.


    This year my boys begged me to go with our group berry picking again.


    They said I would not have to do anything and they would do all of the work.


    And they did amazing!

    While I watched.

    I did nothing.

    Why is that so hard as a mom?

    To watch your children work while you look on.

    I kept taking deep breaths and telling myself that it did not matter what others thought but it was difficult to not feel lazy.

    The boys did not mind me not helping at all because that is what we agreed to!

    Kids are awesome.


    If you want to not pay for the berries you pick you give the farm 2/3 and you keep 1/3.

    So they needed to pick a lot to get enough to make the trip worth it, since it is pretty far away from us.





    They decided the blueberry patch was a kingdom and to declare your intentions of peace you gave them a ripe blueberry.

    Green blueberries were of course a declaration of war…


    We have great mom’s in our group that play along.




    They picked all of these by themselves.

    I stuck to my word and did not pick a single berry.


    They were so proud of their haul!


    Great job!

    Kids are capable of so much more than we give them credit for!

    If you are local and want to know where we went it was Thunderbird Farms, link here.


    Little Bit LOVED the blueberries!

    She was pretty upset when I would not keep giving them to her.


    Monday, June 22nd, 2015

    I am not a interior design blogger.

    Just thought I would clear that up in case you forgot after looking at some bedrooms in our house…

    I go for the lived in look.


    Old schoolroom before


     Old schoolroom a couple months ago.



    Old schoolroom now


    Boys old room before


    Boy’s old room now


    Boy’s old room before


    Boy’s old room now!

    Nick turned the bottom of the bookcases into dressers!


    Boy’s new room before


    Boy’s new room after!

    I really like the storage shelf above the windows!

    It really pays to have such a handy husband!

    We have four bedrooms in 1100sq ft!

    I think that is pretty cool.