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  • Archive: April, 2014

    Woolly Weekend at Shepherd’s Cross ~Claremore, OK

    Wednesday, April 30th, 2014


    We visited Shepherd’s Cross during their Woolly Weekend event.

    They have it the last weekend of April every year.



    Showing how to weave.


    The boys actually did a pretty good job!

    Maybe I should get one and have them make their own clothing…


    It would keep them busy.



    The way they move the sheep around was pretty funny.


    She looked pretty relaxed though.




    They show you how they shear them and then you can see how they card the wool and make it into yarn.


    They have a little petting zoo area.



    1 day old lambs!






    They have some beautiful gardens!






    myboysThey do a great job and it was a really nice event to go to.

    Morning light with my boys

    Tuesday, April 29th, 2014

    lookI am still in the midst of a 30day Self Portrait Project.

    I wanted to quit two days in…

    myboysBut then I would not have these images.

    I treasure every picture with my boys.

    I can’t help but think they are getting an incredible gift from me.

    snuggleI do not want my boys to hate pictures so I try to make it effortless for them.

    1. I usually have them come as they are.

    2. I very rarely ask that they look at the camera; if I see that they are looking at it I will too.

    3. To get smiles I ask them questions about things they like.

    4. I tickle, play, and enjoy them.

    theseboysMake pictures fun for your kids.

    These were taken with a remote and a tripod.

    They are two of my favorite investments.

    sillyI am linking up with BowerPower for her spring photo challenge.

    Not so Trivial Pursuit

    Monday, April 28th, 2014

    As a homeschool mom I am always looking for an easier way to teach my boys.

    If they have no clue they are learning, even better!

    Not so Trivial Pursuit ~Danielle Huddleston PhotographyI picked up three sets of Professor Noggin’s Card Games at Hobby Lobby and knew right away I wanted to use them with our Trivial Pursuit Game.

    When I went to get the game I realized we have three versions of Trivial Pursuit.


    I have no clue…

    Not so Trivial Pursuit ~Danielle Huddleston PhotographyI decided to go ahead and just use the three colors our cards were to make things easier.

    So to win you needed to get two orange(science), two pink(Human Body), and two blue(Presidents).

    cardsI asked them the easy questions and they asked me the hard questions.

    They smoked me…


    reading3I found out right away that my knowledge of US Presidents is lacking.

    reading2My boys did amazing in the the science and human body catagories!

    I kept saying, “Wow! Who is their teacher? She is amazing!” to my husband.

    playIt went so well that I am going to pick up a few more card sets to add to our game.

    readingMy youngest kept bouncing up and down as we played.

    He does this for any game(even cards) but I am going to take it as a sign he liked it.

    happyboyGuess who won?

    winnerHe got inside with all of his pieces first.

    To win you get all the pieces, get in the middle, and then answer a question from any category.

    Do you have a trivial pursuit game lying around(or three)?

    This is a great way to have fun while learning!