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  • Archive: November, 2013

    Why I say no during the holidays…

    Wednesday, November 27th, 2013

    readingI am not someone who thrives on a busy schedule.

    I am the opposite!

    More then one thing on my calendar to go to in a week makes me break out in hives…

    So for the holidays simple is better.

    I do not want to say yes to so many things I have left no time to enjoy any of them.

    I also like to leave room for something unexpected.


    Last year we realized Nick had some extra vacation time he needed to use so we packed up in December and headed off for the Grand Canyon!

    I am so thankful I did not pack my calendar with things I had to do so I could say yes to this!

    So many amazing memories were made!

    bridgeI do not regret saying no.

    I enjoy those yes moments all the more because of it!

    Moments with family and friends, seeing Christmas through my boys eyes.

    I do not have to rush out and buy a lot of gifts.

    If I have to rush around for something I will probably say no.

    I understand some people love the busyness and shopping but I do not.

    I enjoy the little moments.

    So if you hear me say no this holiday season you know why.

    I am enjoying.

    Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

    My Favorite Christmas Gift for Grandparents.

    Tuesday, November 26th, 2013

    photobooksI make a photo book for the Grandparents every Christmas.

    I have used snapfish, shutterfly, and the last two years my publisher.

    I really like my publishers quality and the deals they run but I am not a big fan of the software.

    We do not use windows or mac so software is a bit more of a hassle for us.

    I would rather make them online so I am trying out another company this year.

    Mixbook, they get high ratings so we will see how they turn out.

    I buy 4 books every year so I really want a good deal!

    sayings5I do not put only pictures in the books.

    I add funny quotes from the boys as well.

    I got the idea after seeing this book.

    sayings4I would like to say I am really organized and write all of their cute sayings down throughout the year.

    sayingsThat would be a lie though…

    I put them up on facebook throughout the year and then I scroll through and grab my favorites.

    sayings3This year I added a couple I did not share on Facebook to a journal on my phone.

    I would like to do that to all of them but am afraid I will miss the hours spent scrolling through all those facebook posts.


    I am just not that organized.

    spinesAt the beginning of the new year I make a family book.

    It is pretty easy since I am just adding some extra photos to the books I have already made.

    I really like that these books take something I enjoy and make it a personalized gift!

    I never have any stress about what I am getting grandparents either!


    You are getting another photo book.

    They can’t say they don’t like it because it is pictures of their grandchildren.

    “What! You don’t love your grandchildren?”

    See, sounds bad.

    Going to Miss This ~Teaching my boys

    Monday, November 25th, 2013

    writingI have days where it feels like it will never end.

    mathtimeThere also days where I cannot imagine a more rewarding job.

    mathgameOne day these two little boys will graduate.

    My teaching gig will be up.

    I know I will miss the pencils and paper.

    The books stacked everywhere.

    aread8426I will miss teaching my two little men.

    As I teach them today I want to remember how precious and fleeting it is.

    And what an amazing gift I have been given to spend so much time with them.

    Is there something you want to cherish today?

    That little gap toothed smile?

    Tiny fingers in your hand?

    Little shoes by your door?

    Little eyes that watch your every move?

    Take a moment to enjoy it today.