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    Creation Study ~Day 5 Sea & Flying Creatures

    Thursday, October 31st, 2013

    I am going to be honest with you guys.

    The last week’s of our creation study will not be as project and experiment filled.

    I got a little burned out of scouring the web every week looking for experiments.

    So when we got to animals, I was really happy to take a little bit of a break!

    day5booksWe are still using the Answers for Kids bible curriculum and really liking it.

    I am doing it a little slower in places then they call for but it was meant for a Sunday school class so I knew I would be making changes.

    These two animal guides are amazing.

    sharksWith public places becoming more and more inundated with evolution it is nice to have a book that tells about the animal in a way that honors the creator.

    I like that each animal has the day it was created on there.

    We used these for reference during our study.

    birdsI let the boys pick out a Wild Kratts(a kids show about animals) show to watch each day.

    It had to be about an animal that was created on day 5.

    They also picked out library books about day 5 animals.

    My 5yr old picked out a bird guide.

    Then he stated we did not need any other bird books because he had them all in his BIRD GUIDE.


    We also watched some videos on the answers in genesis site.

    Both animal guides can be found in their store.

    whitesealFor literature we read Kipling’s “The White Seal”.

    Kipling did not write cute little animal stories.

    In The White Seal they talk about the people coming and killing a lot of the seals for food.

    It might terrify some children.

    The boys were upset but I pointed out they eat cows…

    I am mean.

    Kipling was such a great story teller though.

    I love his stories!


    fromaboveYou could also read something by E.B. White, or if you have young ones the book “Owl at Home” would work.

    I recommend reading the creation of narnia to your kids while learning about creation.

    It takes place in the book “The Magician’s Nephew” at the end of chapter 8 all the way through chapter 9.

    It is an absolutely beautiful description of creation.

    I read the book to the boys without really realizing how much it tied into what we were learning about!

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    Amy’s Family

    Wednesday, October 30th, 2013


    oldest youngest path family parents laugh family2 inthewoods road feeding chickens animals cat

    T is for…

    Tuesday, October 29th, 2013


    Yes, I did search through the boys blocks to find the T…

    This is only the second one I have seen(I am aware they are still around though) at our house.

    We see them often on walks and while out hiking though.

    They are really pretty docile, this guy let us follow him all over the yard.

    dadThan my husband got home and got way closer than I would!

    picture tar2When my oldest said there was a Tarantula I did not really believe him.

    I was expecting a Wolf Spider.

    They are pretty big but less hairy.

    I yelled for them to watch him so I could grab my camera.

    Yes, I was worried I would not get a picture of him.

    shoeMy husband does many things that I would never do…

    upcloseThe boys named it Tarantchadilla.

    They have been watching WAY too much Wild Kratts and think everything should be named now.

    Do you have these guys where you live?

    More info, here.