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  • Archive: September, 2013

    The new table he built me!

    Monday, September 30th, 2013

    schoolroomThis little table was just not cutting it anymore.

    The boys could not both do workbooks on it at the same time without getting into fights about the other one messing them up by hitting their work.

    Plus their math takes a lot of room and things kept falling to the floor.

    So my awesome husband built me a new one this weekend!

    panelsHe had me pick out the top I wanted at Lowes.

    I chose two pine panels.

    joinerThen he joined the panels together.

    pocketjig legsHe used lumber he already had for the legs.

    sealThen I put a couple coats of a water based sealer on it.

    He attached the top when I was done sealing it.



    after2It’s so nice!

    tabletopI love the clean and simple look.

    holderWe can actually fit the caddy he made me years ago on it!

    I cannot wait to start school today and try it out!

    Handy husbands are awesome!

    My Brother’s Wedding

    Friday, September 27th, 2013

    andrea deb hands before deb2 tickle charleswithmom withdeb hands2 motherinlaw mothersmiles friends beautiful happy happy2 close arms look full happy3 laugh2 laugh love ringsI thought I would share some of my favorites from my brother’s wedding!

    They are such an amazing couple!

    Bighorn National Forest, Wyoming

    Thursday, September 26th, 2013

    trailday2We hiked twice in the Bighorn National Forest.

    Once on the way to Glacier National Park and once on the way back.

    We found both hikes using the trail.com app.

    bighornThe first hike was at Circle Park.

    It is pretty close to the interstate from Buffalo, WY. so it does not take long to get there.

    laketrailcloudusThe 5.6 mile loop we did had several lakes on it.

    lakeview lake3 photo crossingbridge

    almostfellI almost fell in this pic.

    I knew that was a possibility since I am clumsy but I thought it was worth the risk.

    For the second hike we drove a little further in to the West Tensleep Trailhead.

    westtenWe decided to take the trailhead to Helen Lake.

    We did not really know how far it was but I thought it was just a few miles.

    I try to keep these opinions to myself because I am a horrible judge of distance, as I found out over and over on this trip…

    cloudpeakIf you hike into the Cloud Peak Wilderness you have to register.

    There is a place for that at the trailheads.

    ohgoodabrigeThere is a water crossing.

    We did not see a bridge and the place the horses cross was way too deep so this was our crossing.

    crossinglogsThis is me telling myself over and over “I do yoga, I got this, I will not fall”.

    I really did not want Nick to get a picture of me falling.


    wherearewe mapI could not handle the whole “hiking to a lake somewhere ahead of us anymore” and decided to try and figure out the distance.

    I used a folded up tissue to measure.

    Eye balling it does not work for me…

    I just stopped hiking and sat down to do this.

    I figured Nick would notice eventually.

    It ended up being over 11 miles round trip.

    helenlakeHelen Lake

    We took a different trail back which added onto the miles and elevation climb.

    I did not know about the elevation.

    I would have chosen to go back the easier way!

    This was supposed to be my easy hike after  a lot of hard ones in Glacier, my poor legs had been told easy all morning.

    lasthikeI had a lot of moments where I thought we should turn back and that I had made a big mistake!

    Like when they made me climb a little hill…

    flat upontopI think my biggest “maybe I made a bad choice” moment was when we were up here with a storm approaching and no sign of the trail down.

    It did have beautiful views though.

    mountviewsAnd I felt like I was in a different world.


    The wind was blowing in the storm and we were freezing so we were both REALLY happy to see the trail down!

    deer babydeer momdeerWe saw these deer on our drive out of the forest.

    There were so many we did not even pause anymore when one of us would say “deer”.

    lightningsunset lightningLighting at sunset.

    This place is beautiful!

    I definitely want to go back.

    Maybe someday I will be able to hike to the top of Cloud Peak!

    Of course I would probably have to start training now…