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  • Archive: October, 2012

    30 things before I am 30

    Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

    I shared this on facebook a couple years ago. I only have a year left so I thought I would share it here!!!

    Writing things down has been a great motivator to do some of them!

    A friend of mine did this and I thought it was an awesome idea! I am hoping it will be a big motivator to do these things.

    1. At least an Overnight hiking trip (this might change to a week) ~DONE!

    2. Overnight canoe trip ~ DONE!

    3. Ride in a hot air balloon -hopefully going to do this on my 30th birthday next year!

    4. Have a organized house ~Working on

    5. Hike to the top of Half Dome (Nick did this hike when he was still in the Navy)

    6. Visit the East Coast ~DONE!

    7. Go rock climbing

    8. Teach both boys to read ~DONE!

    9. Learn Mandarin~ Working on

    10. Take a self-defense class

    11. Go whitewater rafting

    12. See The Northern Lights (the Aurora Borealis) -going on another trip to Minnesota this winter in hopes of seeing it.

    13. Go on a zip line tour

    14. Learn CPR

    15. Complete a 365-day challenge (I have started one but I wanted to put it on here!) ~DONE!

    16. Plant a wagon wheel herb garden ~Changed my mind. Trying to see if I can get anything to grow here.

    17. Memorize 50 scripture verses ~might have been a bit ambitious…

    18. Get my BMI to 24 and keep it there for a year ~Working on (now that I only have a week left to accomplish this…)

    19. Go to the Great Salt Plains State Park, OK ~DONE!

    20. Read 5 books off of the Radcliffe top 100 novels list ~Changed to 5 classic novels. I have already read Jane Eyre.

    21. Read 5 books of of the Random house top 100 non-fiction list ~Changed to just 5 non-fiction.

    22. Get or make a headboard for our bed ~My husband made me a whole bed instead!

    23. Paint the Living room (I have never painted it in the 6yrs we have lived here) ~DONE!

    24. Re-paint the boys room (It looks too much like a nursery) ~Put maps on walls instead!

    25. Find a way to go on more dates with Nick (We only go when parents are in town) ~DONE (at the time, I have not been good about it again…)

    26. Get my flowerbeds under control (I am fighting a loosing battle with crabgrass)

    27. Be able to use my library for it’s actual purpose instead of an extra closet! ~DONE! Now a school room.

    28. Work at getting the boys to appreciate doing outdoor activities ~DONE! They love being outside! Will still work on it.

    29. Master steering the canoe ~not sure this will ever happen…

    30. Learn how to say what I mean (I love talking in circles)

    He made me an entertainment center!

    Monday, October 29th, 2012


    After we bought my baby a new tv the old entertainment center was not cutting it.

    Especially since the tv was resting on it!

    He mounted it to the wall and designed an entertainment center around it!

    First piece!


    Have I mentioned how much I love that my husband designs and builds me anything I want?

    Because it is awesome!

    I have been reading a lot about minimalism and tiny house living.

    It has really helped me to see what is important to me and what is just taking up space.

    I decided to fill most of the shelves with things that mean a lot to me or I like a lot.

    I have been collecting old books since I was a teenager.

    I love the history wrapped around an old book.

    I have been given many as gifts from people I love.

    So many memories in these beautiful books.

    I put gifts from my families travels on these shelves as well.

    All of my siblings and I went on missions trips as teenagers.

    They were nice enough to bring back gifts for each of us.

    Each little gift makes me think of the sibling that gave it to me.

    My Grandma gave me the teapot.

    One of the books under the tea cup is very special to me.

    My Grandma’s childhood bible.

    It has been hiding on a bookshelf not standing apart at all until now.

    Of course I collect old cameras!

    I love my new space but most of all I love seeing things that are meaningful to me having a place of honor in my house!

    I have to admit I was shocked at how little I had that meant enough to me to make it to those shelves!

    If you do not love it, find it useful, or find it beautiful, get rid of it!

    I am working on it!

    Oksana’s family

    Friday, October 26th, 2012

    So adorable!

    Looking for bugs.