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  • Archive: August, 2012

    School ~Week 4

    Friday, August 31st, 2012

    We usually work on a subject for a month so we were finishing everything up this week.

    This is to show what a lung looks like as you inhale and exhale.

    You push on the bottom and the “lung” deflates.

    Then we did an experiment to see if we had different lung capacities.

    Both of these came from the Magic School bus Kit.

    You fill a 2 liter bottle(pretend that is what I used) with water.

    Put the cap back on it and put it in a bowl full of water.

    Take the cap back off and put the hose inside the bottle.

    Then blow into the other end of the hose.

    Your air displaces the water in the bottle.

    The boys could have done this all day!

    I was a really nice mother and let them play with it for a long time since it was the last project of the day.

    The sacrifices I make…

    I of course had to get on the computer while they played.

    I also decided the boys needed a fun writing project.

    I gave them stickers, two little books I made, and told them to tell a story with the stickers.

    After they had put the stickers they wanted in the book they had to write a story for them.

    I was going to have my four year old only write the front cover and then just tell me what to write but he said it was his book so he should write in it.

    Okay, then…

    The teacher in me loved that he wanted to do it all himself, the mom, not so much.

    It took a LONG time!

    My five year old never asked me how to spell a single word.

    I love those misspelled words pushed all together.

    They both did a great job!

    And learned that writing is a lot of fun!

    I bought this game at Mardel’s when I was looking for school books.

    It is fantastic!!!

    We had fun just putting all the body parts on.

    We called all of them by their names so it was a great learning experience!

    We are officially done with the human body and moving on to Explorers next month!

    My boys and I ~Mornings

    Thursday, August 30th, 2012

    Mornings are what I am going to miss most.

    They are also what I want to cherish the most right now.

    Check out Emily’s blog to learn more about getting yourself in front of the camera.

    Going to miss this

    Monday, August 27th, 2012

    One day I will not be doing messy crafts in my kitchen.

    I will not have drips all over my counters from little hands.

    I will not have smudges on my floors from little feet.

    That will be a sad day.

    Recipe for Oobleck, here.

    Scientific explanation, here.