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  • Archive: June, 2012

    Our Summer Reading Program

    Monday, June 25th, 2012

    I was not 100% happy with the summer reading programs in our area.

    They do a good job but I decided I wanted one specific to my boys.

    After seeing this post on www.simpleasthatblog.com about making your own reading program, I went for it!

    She has free printables but I thought my boys might like to decorate their own log books so I made my own.

    The front is really simple, just a place for a name and plenty of room for stickers.

    I do not use excel often enough, the inside took me way longer then it should have.

    All I did was give them a place to write down their books they have read.

    Spiderman was the only superhero we had stickers of.

    I was being cheap and not wanting to buy more stickers.

    My youngest shocked me when he chose the nature stickers instead of the superhero ones!

    I bought two smaller books for halfway prizes (10 books), big books and gummy worms for end prizes (20 books).

    My oldest read 10 books the first day.

    We went to the library to stock up on more books the next day.

    He read 3 books while there…

    When we got home he read 7 more.

    He read 20 books in two days!

    These were all harder books that he has never read before.

    It looks like he is taking after me…

    Bell Cow Lake ~Chandler, Ok

    Friday, June 22nd, 2012

    We went to Oklahoma City on Father’s Day.

    The drive home can be a little bit monotonous so my husband wanted to know if there was any place to stop and hike.

    That is how we found Bell Cow Lake near Chandler, Ok.

    It has two trails.

    The Redbud Trail (22 miles) and the Flat Rock Trail (12.4miles).

    We went around five miles total on the Flat Rock Trail.

    These are both equestrian trails so they are pretty rough to walk on.

    They both go around the lake though!

    I love walking near water!

    You could not see it the whole time but you could feel it in the air.

    So nice!

    They do charge an entrance fee so check out their site beforehand so you can have the right amount of cash.

    It was a really nice surprise! Maybe we can make this a regular stop on the way back from OKC.

    Maybe next time I will be prepared and not wearing sandals!

    I felt exposed hiking in Oklahoma without my hiking boots!

    Days 9-14 ~30day Project Wide

    Friday, June 22nd, 2012

    Day 9

    I love this plant, it is so pretty in the early morning or late evening light!

    Day 10

    Taken on our trip to the Sam Noble Museum.

    Day 11

    Getting too close.

    Day 12

    Playing with Baking Soda and Vinegar. I got the idea, here.

    Day 13

    I got a new skirt and had to play with it.

    Yes, I am a 3yr old…

    Day 14