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  • Archive: July, 2011

    Keeping your cool.

    Thursday, July 21st, 2011

    How do you beat the crazy Okahoma heat?

    Take a hat, any hat will do. Although one without lots of holes would probably work best (as my son discovered).

    Fill it with water.

    Place on head.

    Now you are good to go.

    I think you should do this before going into department stores personally.

    Won’t all of those hot dry people look foolish next to you…

    It is all in the details.

    Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

    I went to a playdate this morning at Stephanie’s house.

    I have taken many pics at her house so I decided to challenge myself by taking only detail shots.

    So much fun!

    Friends playing in the mud.

    Sneaking a picture through a dollhouse window.

    Playing Hide and Seek.

    I did not get real close with this one because I was too lazy to get up.

    I still love it though.

    Love little baby shoulders.

    I think I will have to give myself this assignment again!

    You should try it! Go out there and get some details!

    Itasca State Park, MN

    Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

    While on vacation a little while ago (okay a month, I am taking a really long time to put up post), my husband and I went up to Itasca State Park in Minnesota.

    This was an awesome trip because:

    1. We were only a little over an hour away.

    2. My Mother in-law watched my two little rascals!

    We were ALONE! YAY!

    I missed them.

    I am kind of nutty like that.

    In case you did not know (I did not until I married my husband), the headwaters of the Mississippi is located in the Itasca State Park.

    It is a tradition to walk across the headwaters so you can say you walked across the Mississippi, I did not.

    My husband tried to get me to but I had just seen a lady wipeout and I did not want to be next.

    If I had brought the boys with me I would have done it.

    They give me courage.

    And a reason to look foolish.

    I should have done it.

    It was misting the whole time we walked out to the headwaters which was nice because it was a little warm, it makes for nice saturated pics,

    and it kept the mosquito count in the millions instead of trillions.

    They really love me too.

    It is no doubt because of my sweet personality.

    This was on the floor of the building that gives a little history of the area.

    I love it.

    I want one.

    My darling husband would make it for me, right?


    This is an old fire watchtower.

    When I saw it I gulped because of the stairs.

    All of those stairs…

    My mind and body protested because they still remembered this hike I had put them through the week before.

    “No more climbing” my poor legs said.

    Or was that Nick?

    In all of my thinking about the stairs and the climb I forgot something rather important.

    I am afraid of heights…

    Something one should take into consideration before climbing to the top of a 100ft tower.

    In the rain.

    I am pretty stubborn though so I kept climbing, albeit with a death grip on the railing.

    Such a pretty view.

    It had really started to rain so we made our way down.

    Harder then going up but I made it.

    Or did I?

    It started to POUR.

    I do not mean a refreshing little rain.

    I mean barely talk it is going to wash me away rain.

    So I started doing what this type of rain always does to me.



    Laughing some more.

    Not light sweet laughter but from the gut I have lost it laughter.

    I felt about eight years old and looked like it.

    My husband has not seen this side of me that often and was giving me odd looks from a distance.

    I did not care, it made me laugh even more.

    Rain just has this power over me to make me want to sing and dance and play.

    I was drenched and so happy.

    I have stopped laughing now so you do not have to worry.

    Visit the park if you are in the area and laugh once for me.