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  • Archive: February, 2011

    Bethany’s Sweetheart~Tulsa Area Newborn Photographer

    Monday, February 28th, 2011

    Two boys and now a little GIRL!

    Sound familiar? I bet if we had just one more it would have been a girl…or not!

    I am so happy for Bethany getting a little girl! Bow, ribbons, pink, pink, pink!!!

    Big brothers are going to have a whole new color around the house!

    The last time I got to take pictures of the two boys was at the cowboy mini shoot I did, they made really cute cowboys!

    And now they have a baby sister!

    Big brother love.

    Needing some mommy time.

    Entertaining themselves while waiting for little sister.

    So cute!

    With Daddy.

    Her mommy calls it the pirate look.

    She is adorable!

    Congratulations Bethany!

    Bethany’s Sweetheart~sneak peek

    Saturday, February 26th, 2011


    My Supermen

    Friday, February 25th, 2011

    My oldest boy comes into the kitchen and says, “mom, you call me if you fall in a crack and I will save you!”

    Me, “I will be sure and do that”

    Falling into cracks in my kitchen has always been a problem for me…but no more.


    Because I now have two of my very own superheros.

    They have escorted me into stores,

    taken me for walks,

    and just made me feel safer.

    You know, from cracks that I might fall into…

    “Don’t mess with me”

    “Or I will break out my mad dance moves”

    I am glad my world is now a safer place.