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  • Archive: April, 2010

    New monitor!

    Friday, April 30th, 2010

    I am so excited that I finally got a flat panel monitor! It is beautiful! I was like a kid in a candy store, jumping up and down while my husband set it up.

    Then my child (not sure yet if I can say his name without sighing), who is three years old and knows better. Took a highlighter to it! Thankfully I caught him in the act and stopped him after the first swipe.

    And thankfully for him, highlighter comes off!

    The lesson I learned is never trust my children around nice things. Nice things seem to bring out there mischievous side.

    Thought I should include a little preview of an upcoming post! This is from my 6month session with little Ava!


    Colorado Trip!

    Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

    We did a road trip to Colorado to photograph my old roomate’s wedding earlier this month. We fit in a little mini vacation while there, we had so much fun!

    First stop was Wilson State Park in Kansas, it was such a beautiful lake to camp by! And even if the wind did try to blow our tent down, it was beautiful to listen to.



    coloradotrip.3Garden of the gods in Colorado! This is my second visit to this beautiful place, it was a little chilly so the boys were not sure they liked it.

    coloradotrip.4My little snuggle bug trying to get warm


    Home sweet tent in Trinidad, COcoloradotrip.7

    The view from the top of the Capulin Volcano, NMcoloradotrip8

    This was on a lot of the trees on the top of the volcanocoloradotrip9

    We had lunch at the bottom of the volcano, these birds looked like they knew humans=food!coloradotrip10

    Sand Springs Herbal Affair & Festival

    Monday, April 19th, 2010

    The air smelled like herbs, spices and good food! I think that was my favorite part of the Sand Springs Herb Affair & Festival, the wonderful smells.

    This is my first time for this festival, we have been to the Jenks Herb Festival but never the Sand Springs one. It was a lot of fun and we had a great time. If you missed it this year don’t be sad, you can still make the Jenks Herb Festival this Saturday April 24th 8am-5pm.


    They sell a lot more then herbs! herbfestyarnThis fudge was awesome!

    herbfestfudgeAren’t these cutting boards beautiful! I wanted to buy one just because it was pretty.




    These people did lots of clever things with metalherbfest5These spices smelled amazing! I could have stood there all day…

    herbfest8I finally broke down and bought one of these baskets, aren’t they beautiful!

    They are called Bolga Baskets, if you are interested in purchasing one call (580)252-2374



    They had entertainment going on all dayherbfestclogging2

    I loved watching the cloggersherbfestclogging

    herbfestgourdsThe long line is the only thing that kept me from buying lots of these beautiful nuts!


    Justin’s favorite part of the day was the tractor ride to and from our parking lot!herbfestride