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I am a wife, homeschool mom, a hiker, and a photographer living in Oklahoma. I love beautiful light and being in the woods. I share what I love on this blog, be they trails, pictures, or homschooling curriculum. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Our Homeschool Day 2015-2016

    January 16th, 2017

    The last Homeschool Day I shared was January of 2015.

    I only had two kids to teach.

    I now teach 4 (and a half).


    My 2yr old does not like being left out so I do a little lesson with her on most days.

    aschoolDSC_7079 aschoolDSC_7065

    I  am trying to start our day with a short story or poem with all of my kids.

    Then one of the boys plays with the 2yr old and the other starts his math.



    I do reading with one of the girls.

    The other does an independent reading project, like word matching cards.


    I then switch and my other daughter reads to me while the other does independent work.



    When I am done with both of the twins it is my youngest’s turn.

    aschoolDSC_6955 aschoolDSC_7159 aschoolDSC_7164 aschoolDSC_7169

    We work on letter sounds, numbers, and simple things like farm animals or butterflies.

    After I am done with her lesson we usually go for a walk.

    aschoolDSC_3129 aschoolDSC_3141

    The boys can do most of their work independently.

    They just need writing assignments, new books for their school shelf, and their work monitored.

    I also will give them science or history projects.

    For our current study they are researching the Erie Canal with the knowledge they will have to build a working canal with a lock.

    I tie together the boys history, geography, science, and literature by time period.


    For instance, they are studying the war of 1812, the Erie Canal, Francis Scott Key, Peter Cartwright, Steamboats, Mark Twain, and Beethoven at the same time.

    I put all their books on one shelf.


    Here are steamboats that they made.

    I actually had them research and make their own prototypes first.

    Then I gave them some sites with directions and needed to help them troubleshoot.


    We eat lunch and have quiet time.

    The boys do their reading during quiet time.


    I am usually correcting in the midst of working with one.


    After quiet time and snack I start the twins math lessons.

    They do not learn well together so even though they are learning the same thing I do the lesson with one at a time.

    Sometimes they are able to finish their math lesson, but often they need extra help to pay attention and need to wait for Nick to get home.


    This is probably a pretty honest picture of how our lessons go.

    I have found holding a hot cup of tea calms me.

    Sometimes I just need to hold my cup of tea, breath, and think of how I can explain something so that it is understood.

    aschoolDSC_7192 aschoolDSC_7202

    The boys and girls both do the same math curriculum (RightStart Math).

    aschoolDSC_5629 aschoolDSC_5644 aschoolDSC_5666 aschoolDSC_5670

    Once in a while we do projects all together.

    Most of the time the boys do projects independently.


    I like how calm these pictures make it look.

    It was not calm.

    It was a thousand questions and a toddler that kept spilling things.

    Not questions about the science of it by the way.


    aschoolDSC_7241 aschoolDSC_7297 aschoolDSC_7267

    If you follow me on Instagram, you have probably seen these.

    I took the first group of pictures at the same time to show what everyone does at a given moment.


    This one shows the aftermath of our math lessons…


    Hope you liked getting a peek into what our day might look like.


    I have found I have to be flexible most days.

    Oklahoma Ice

    January 14th, 2017

    There is something about ice covering everything that is just so beautiful.

    It made me do something crazy.

    Like bundle up my five kids today to go outside and look at it.

    Even though it was nap time and we had an early rough start in the morning.

    aiceDSC_7352 aiceDSC_7354 aiceDSC_7358 aiceDSC_7364 aiceDSC_7372 aiceDSC_7379 aiceDSC_7391

    Little bit kept trying to sneak pieces of ice into her jacket pockets.

    aiceDSC_7393 aiceDSC_7403 aiceDSC_7404 aiceDSC_7408 aiceDSC_7412 aiceDSC_7414 aiceDSC_7415 aiceDSC_7419 aiceDSC_7422 aiceDSC_7432

    It took some tickles to get real smiles.

    Little bit decided that she wanted to be like her big brother making silly faces at us and left.


    aiceDSC_7447 aiceDSC_7452 aiceDSC_7473 aiceDSC_7474 aiceDSC_7475 aiceDSC_7476 aiceDSC_7482 aiceDSC_7487 aiceDSC_7490 aiceDSC_7492 aiceDSC_7503 aiceDSC_7510 aiceDSC_7519 aiceDSC_7545 aiceDSC_7547

    I wondered several times if it was worth it while we got jackets and boots.

    It was.

    So pretty.

    Martha’s Family

    January 13th, 2017

    ahibna6372 ahibna6375bw ahibna6424bw ahibna6442bw ahibna6443 ahibna6449bw ahibna6464bw ahibna6480 ahibna6492 ahibna6560bw ahibna6607bw ahibna6612 ahibna6626bw ahibna6640bw ahibna6681 ahibna6707bw ahibna6713bw ahibna6726bw ahibna6729bw ahibna6734bw ahibna6838 ahibna6879bw

    Such a cute family!