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  • Wild Kratts has ruined the zoo for my children…

    August 20th, 2014


    We went to the Oklahoma City Zoo again last week.

    We went last year also, it takes a year for me to forget how tiring it is.

    That zoo is big…


    The boys wanted to go straight to the Children’s Zoo.

    Because they wanted to play in the water feature they have…


    I let them cool off but made them move on pretty quickly.

    I did not drive 1.5hrs for them to play in the water!

    We could have done that a lot closer to home!



    This time they got to hold the parakeets!

    This was pretty amazing for them.



    My oldest was not as sure as his brother…


    Poor bird probably thought ,”why is this kid trying to drop me?”


    The zoo keeper said I needed to hold one also so I handed off my camera to my oldest.


    Then I did it again…

    I am smiling big because he took several shots and then told us we need to get really close together.

    I love it when he directs shots!


    Here is where Wild Kratts has ruined my children.

    Both boys were determined to stay here and stare at the Caracal until it jumped.

    It jumps in Wild Kratts all the time so of course it will jump now…

    Does it matter that Wild Kratts is a cartoon?



    I told them it was hot and it had no reason to jump but they still thought we should wait.

    It finally stretched and they thought for sure a jump was coming…

    It laid back down and they both were like, “huh, I wonder why it is not jumping?”

    I finally got them to leave the poor Caracal alone.

    My youngest also thought a documentary on Sperm Wales would of course show a battle between them and a colossal squid(because it is in Wild Kratts).

    He decided he wanted to watch the cartoon wale instead when he found out no battle was coming…


    We just happened to make it to the Elephants right when they were doing a demonstration!


    The boys were really enthralled by it.

    I guess I should make more of an effort to hit up the demonstrations but I don’t like trying to be at a certain part of the zoo at a certain time!


    The baby Elephant drinking out of the hose was so cute!



    The boys decided to hitch a ride back to the entrance.

    I don’t blame them…


    August 18th, 2014


    I am starting to feel the pinch of summer ending and splash pads closing soon!


    I am going to miss these!



    Maybe we should go splashpad crazy and go all the time?

    We need to be tired of them before they shut them off!

    What we bring on a hike

    August 15th, 2014


    On shorter hikes we bring water if anything.

    Otherwise this Kelty Hydration Pack is my go to pack.

    I used to use the bladder with it every time but got tired of trying to keep it clean so I have not put the bladder in for a long time.


    The pack on the left is a hydration pack as well and fits my boys really well.

    It has thick straps that have padding, that is really important for comfort.

    My oldest Kelty back pack just has those thin black straps with no padding and it gets uncomfortable really fast.


    I got both of these packs at Academy Sports.

    Neither one was made for children but they both work for my boys.

    The green one fits the best on them.


    Instead of a bladder I like to use one of these Platypus bottles, it lays flat so it does not dig into your back but it is easier to clean.

    I also just put regular water bottles in them.


    For longer hikes it is nice to have some extra sunscreen(for when you missed  a spot), bug spray, and a first aid kit.

    I try to buy the smallest possible of these so I am not adding a lot of extra weight.

    This Adventure Medical Kit is really nice and is my favorite first aid kit we have bought so far!

    It has everything you might need but is really light.

    If I am hiking alone with my boys I make sure I have mace on me as well and text my husband letting him know where we are hiking, how long we will be going, and when I will text him letting him know we are done.

    I always bring more water than I think we will need and if  we are going for a long hike I bring a snack.

    Something high in protein like nuts is nice to have.

    I hope this helps someone that is trying to figure out what to bring hiking with them!

    Have fun out there!

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